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Want to be unpopular?

Want to be unpopular?
Want to win the skies and take the risk of losing the world a true Christian. We must return to the word hymns are turning buzzword for Christians to replace the word in their churches.
Many a cliché to determine a praise like a prophetic voice over the word of God by making her his buzzword. Hymns stating that you will win no matter how you are before God. Messages that state what the public wants to hear. Praises and messages that show you can come to Christ by making this meeting a unique experience, where there is no need to maintain the relationship. Where there is a message of resignation, a gospel adaptation of the hit conformist agenda.
A Christianity where the words of the purposes we seek on the Internet, a new buzzword that could paste to receive the applause and praise. A Christianity compromised with the world and its pleasures. A Christianity that we applaud the singers and preachers praising them. Being that it actually works just like a thermometer, to assess its success. Sin continues eating loose in the churches.
Sorry if I seem rude. But "the best friend is one who tells you the highest truths" We are full of "do not touch me" do not accept reprimands, create a overprotection in our pulpits like we own the truth.
Many pastors and leaders need to reevaluate their faith, because it departed from the simplicity that is in Christ. Big men in the Bible is corrupted and also in our century. We avoid certain topics because we want to keep friends in the church. How can we be friends of the church without being a friend of God. "Ye are my friends if you do what I command" is what he said. Who wants to be friend of the world (sin) is the enemy of God. 1Jo.2.15.
And as the preacher said Paul, "preach all the door is narrow" But why not also teach that the path is?? It is not only important meeting with Christ, but the relationship with him. Does anyone have the courage to pass such a message? Yum! I do not know! As this can burn the movie people, but I do not care. I have a commitment to truth and ask God for His infinite mercy defend it until he comes.
The evil of the prophets (preachers) of today is that they want to say what you want to hear, ie "they do not want to spoil the party." Every time we go to the meetings to run away smiling, sometimes when God would we go out of there crying, beating their breasts not only tearing our clothes but also our hearts. But how will they do if there is no preacher, and how this will happen if nobody is willing to go.
We are worried about what others think. We are full of adulterers, pedophiles, hypocrites, arrogant, wolves in sheep's clothing, corrupt, fornicator, murmuring, etc., in our environment and treat them as righteous men, are afraid to preach the truth that liberates. Jesus said: "The world will hate you."
Will confess Jesus as he wanted the point of being hated or are we convenient? Jesus is our source of existence and one or more Inspiration Accessories add that in our lives? That these words will not only generate empty emotions in your heart, but they do shake his flesh and spirit before God. Salvation is not received as a magic formula just by asking Jesus into your heart, or a few words of confession that he did. Salvation is from the repentance of sins and this is an ongoing process. Remember the door is narrow (c meeting JESUS) but the path (relationship) is also. There's no point you just go through the door you need is on the way too.
Conversion is not like a vaccine: "ha yes I did, I regretted I believed!" the question is do you still repenting of your sins? You resign yourself every day? You keep believing? "Whoever started (port) the good work in you will finish" Remember, please! Not only the door but the path is narrow too.
It is not enough just to lead people to Christ and let them live like the world without Christ. We are different from the world without God? Abortion, divorce, tingling sensations, corruption, lies, deceit, sensuality and many more make us different from the world without God? And we want to worship God as if nothing had happened and saying I have Christ in my heart. As if this were a magic formula.
We sat in front of an internet porn trip ourselves up with garbage, we are exposed by sensuality with photos that appeal to pleasure and then go to church and we feel the power of God, get victory, defeat the evils of the 21st century (depression, panic and more.) Males that were not the same strength w / disease that today is the result of a mind overwhelmed by the anguish, lies and estrangement from God. Utopia of an appearance of Christianity, where we get into our rooms and shut the door reveal terrible nature that is within us omit these truths in our pulpits and the people imagine themselves in the church saved because you do not see need for change.
Let the church come out like we were going to a theater or concert, with the same heart and the same practices as before. Where 2Co.5.17 meets? You know the sign to know if you are a Christian today? You prayed once! "Jesus come into my heart!" Does just that enough? The Bible teaches: Examine the same yes, prove yourself to see if you are really in the faith. He who does not know sin to God. You must be born of God, the Bible says he that is born of God does not sin (original sin does not remain) and this is your case? I know you'll tell me, "plus the bible says he is a liar says he has no sin" to have is the same as there, this disease is within us. Being a state and is associated with a characteristic moment, something practiced and can be changed and this is what corresponds to our actions. We have all been generated (have or have) in iniquity, but remain unaffected in sin (voluntary action) is different is voluntary, conscious.
Want to be unpopular? Preach what the crowd did not want to hear but what you need. Friends are those who tell the greatest truths. Since I started talking about this TWITTER about 20 people stopped following me.
The world will hate you because of me. Nobody can be friends of the church is not God's friend. And nobody can be God's friend committed to the world or lie. 1-17 Jo.2.15 the friendship of the world is enmity with God. I'm not here to have more fame to broadcast the gospel here and I have no followers but intercessors. Many forget that what liberates us is the truth, while hiding behind a bible card or cling to a lie. Your beliefs are fantasies, lies that have been trained to believe that to be the salvation work of grace just wait. Obviously, not of works lest anyone should boast, but the fruit of new life and a new birth 2C2.5.17 be latent in the life of a born-again.
It is not known a believer except by the encounter that he says he had with Christ, but by their fruits. Mt.7.16 "By their fruits ye shall know them" the gospel is transformation, can not say that I am in Christ if this is not evident in my actions. Nobody ever came to Christ and walked away from him without response. People need to understand that the biggest fight the enemy against the church today is not physical but spiritual, it does not meet graduation ring, while the house (church) and things like that what else he wants from us is to ignore it. Paul awakens: Do not ignore the wiles of Satan.
The more we are filled with do not touch me (do not accept reprimands) hiding in a lie, and professors in the better word for it. Enough to get out of the church and say, "My God today was a move" lasted? Remain in your life experience? In fact we are thrilled. Jesus declared, "I see you have called and ordained you that ye should go and bear fruit and that your fruit should remain. STAY FIRM AND STEADY, GROWING.
We need to look for a life that bears fruit because otherwise it will be pulled out and thrown into the fire. Nobody fools in the eyes of God. Even this post-modern Christianity made adjustments, and conveniences. Not the story when he says many are called (believers) but few are chosen (believers) this fact will be hard and real.Muitos who now profess faith unfortunately not receive the eternal benefits of it because his confession is only the lips but no life to Christ.
The most important thing is not knowing (theology, profession of faith) Jesus Jesus is to know you. He says that day do not know you. Dear I would like to honor God with these words he placed in my heart for two days and had loved it for the life of Paul Washer. A courageous pastor who gave all this msg to a crowd of about 5mil people adapted to my sermon. In Christ Pastor Nehemiah Fagundes writer, theologian and professor IBE Twitter: @ neemiasfagundes follow me every day and receive message like this.

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